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Blog by Dan Morris - Realtor

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Day 10 - 12 Reasons why I moved to RE/MAX of Nanaimo

12 Reasons Why I Joined RE/MAX of Nanaimo

When someone makes a change in their lives most people are curious as to why. Some may ask, some may guess and others are curious to ask but never do. As I have just gone through this process I thought it would be a fun project to Blog about 12 reasons over the next 12 days as to why I made the move to RE/MAX of Nanaimo.

Day 10 - Reason 10 of 12

#10. Marketing Programs and Materials

RE/MAX produces high quality marketing materials and videos that can be used to further establish my business. All marketing and promotion that RE/MAX produces can be used by RE/MAX agents to further establish the benefits to buyers and sellers. Having these types of resources and tools available provides a great advantage for business promotion.

Check back over the next days to find out all 12 reasons that lead to my decision to move my business to RE/MAX of Nanaimo.

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